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Our mission

We work to beautify the world with exclusive goods making art a part of everyday life. We try to make our customers happy producing unique accessories of high quality.

Our credo

We believe in people and magnificence of creation. We are open to new ideas, trying to move away from stereotypes creating something new. We are proud our bags are hand-made and hand-painted each of them is a small work of art. We appreciate our customers’ opinion. Our challenge is to emphasize your individuality.

Our values in numbers

1. Individuality
2. Creativity
3. High-quality
4. Environmental friendliness
5. Optimism
6. Interactivity

Our vision

Our vision is to become a world-famous brand. We do the best that art can be a part of our lives. We give preference to manual labor. It's one of the means for helping to create jobs.

The aim of the company policy is launch the new assortment of accessories and interior design line by 2019.

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