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MyBacio: History of Russian Brand

MyBacio is a Russian premium goods manufacturer established in 2014. It specializes in wood accessories, home furnishings.

MyBacio is the brand curated by Nikolay Andrianov and his wife Maria Andrianova. At the beginning young married couple created small decorative accessories from solid wood for a home. They were in search of warmth, beauty, tenderness - in people, places and objects. So Nikolay decided to produce a casket or a case for accessories storage. This form was handy and Nikolay tried to make a handbag… So the first handbag collection was launched in 2015. MyBacio introduced some of its most recognized original goods such as "Pomegranate Blossom and "Ballerina". From this moment handbags become a strong segment of the company. And, overall, the collection of MyBacio goods expanded and now it includes near 100 pieces.

MyBacio is an association of creative designers and artists. We create stylish hand-painted clutches, handbags, carpetbags made of solid wood. Our company is quite new in the region but we have already proved to be professionals and have positive reviews not only in Russia but also abroad. We have a lot of admirers among celebrities. Our customers always get the exclusive product of high quality.

So we never dreamed about success we worked for it.

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