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The Privacy Policy

We appreciate our customers and aware of the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your personal data. For the best understanding of this document, we are asking you read this text to the end with attention. Using the online store by the Customer means agreement with this Privacy Policy of processing the Customer’s personal data.

If the Customer use this website and type his personal data in the registry form, He or She agrees with our way of processing the personal data by this online-store and by this online store’s business partners, also the Customer agrees to follow this Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions and terms

1.1 The Online-store (online-store’s website) is the site www.mybacio.com/en/ , which is used for selling goods via the Internet.

1.2 The Customer is the person who has an access to the online-store by the Internet, and who’s using website www.mybacio.com/en/ for buying goods.

1.3 The Personal data is any information about the Customer.

1.4 Processing Customer’s personal data is any action with the Customer’s personal data. It includes: adding, saving, systematization, detalization, recovery, refreshing, using, transferring, blocking, deleting.

1.5 The Cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the Customer’s computer be the Customer’s web browser while the Customer is browsing. If you refuse to receive cookies, some functions of the website may not work correctly.

2. Goals and principles of the Privacy Policy

2.1 This Privacy Policy (protection of the Personal data) applies to all information which would be gotten from the Customer when He or She uses the website.

2.2 Using the personal data is implemented only tailored to Customers’ interests and needs. Personal data is provided for:

- purchases (creation of an account, provision of technical support related with using the website, notification about order’s status, processing and getting of payments);

- getting news about products, events, promotions, questionings and services.

The Personal data may be used for goods promotion by this online-store, or this online-store’s business partners.

2.3 Ensuring the reliability of the Personal Data preservation and ensuring objectives the transparency of the Personal Data collection. The Personal data is added, saved, systematized, used, transferred in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "About Personal Data" and this Privacy Policy.

3. Information to be processed

3.1 The Personal data is provided by the Customer (the Customer enters his Personal data into the register form when he makes an order) and it includes only:

3.1.1 Customer full name;

3.1.2 Customer contact phone number;

3.1.3 Customer e-mail;

3.1.4 Customer address for the goods’ delivery;

3.1.5 Customer geolocation.

3.2 The online-store protects the Personal data, which is transmitted automatically when he browse promotions and websites with a static system script. It are:

3.2.1 IP-address (we don’t use the Customer’s IP-address for the Customer’s identification; we use the IP-address for searching and solving technical problems, for the payment control);

3.2.2 Cookies;

3.2.3 Information about the Customer’s browser;

3.3.4 Access time;

3.3.5 Http-code of the advertising web page;

3.3.6 Http-code of the previous web page.

4. Processing and using of the Personal data

4.1 Processing of the Personal data is carried out by any legal method (include automatic and non-automatic systems) without any time restrictions.

4.2 The online-store must not transfer the Customer personal data to anyone who is not an online-store’s business partner.

4.3 Transferring the Personal data to online-store’s business partners is carried out for execution of the Customer's order and for sending promotions.

4.4 Affiliated persons and the online-store’s business partners take upon themselves a responsibility to use the Personal data received only for the purpose of performing ordering actions or rendering services.

4.5 The Personal data may be transferred to other third persons for the product promotion, marketing actions, providing services or events. Such third persons undertake the responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of information and guarantee its protection, also undertake to use the information received only for the purpose of fulfilling their obligations.

4.6 The Personal data that was not requested by the online-store may be used at the discretion of the online-store. The online-store is not responsible for the data, which the Customer indicated in unnamed fields (fields for another information).

4.7 The online store takes all necessary measures to protect data from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction.

5. The Customer Rights and Obligations

5.1 The Customer undertakes not to disclose to third persons the login and password used by him for identification in the website of the online store.

5.2 The Customer undertakes to observe discretion when he stores and enters the password.

5.3 The Customer undertakes to use complex combinations of symbols to create a login / password when he registers in the online-store.

5.4 The Customer undertakes not to provide third persons for using a computer device if it has freely access to the Customer's personal cabinet.

5.5 The Customer may change his Personal data; also, the Customer may request the removal of his Personal data from the online-store database.

6. Additional conditions

6.1 The online-store is responsible to the Customer in cases provided by the current legislation.

6.2 The online-store is released from liability in cases when the information about the Customer:

- has become public domain before its loss or disclosure;

- was received from a third person until it was received by an online store.

- was disclosed with the consent of the Customer.

6.3 Disputes between the online-store and the Customer are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The complaint procedure is mandatory. The period for consideration of a written claim is 30 (thirty) days from the date when it was received.

6.4 The online store has the right to change the privacy policy unilaterally.

6.5 The new privacy policy comes into effect from the moment when it was posted in the website (01/01/2017) of the online store, unless otherwise provided for in the new edition of the Privacy Policy.

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